So you wanna try out for AVP.

Good. We did, too! Here's the insider info: the 10 ways we got in.
1. Be a guy. Sorry ladies, nothing personal. Feel free to come try out anyways.

2. Be ready to rock out. This is not your grandfather's a cappella group. We're looking for people ready to jump around in front of a crowd of fans. Screaming fans.

3. Come audition on the Lawn. Find out what room we're running auditions in (come on, there are signs everywhere!) and sign up for a day and a time. Then show up.

4. Be yourself. Seriously. We're trying to figure out who the heck you are, so make it easy on us.

5. Pick a song. Better yet, pick a sweet song. We'll listen to lots of singing. All day. For two days. And it's done by college kids with no instruments. So... maybe pick something we want to hear. In fact, pick exactly the song we want to hear at that moment. Just a verse and a chorus is enough. Something that shows off your voice is best. And please, try to avoid songs from musicals, and stay away from "For the Longest Time." We beg you.

6. Oh yeah, SING. In our top-secret lawn audition chamber/lair, we'll ask you to sing some scales, sing some pitches, and then sing the song you picked for us. Calm down, dude, you're gonna be fine.

7. Ask us any questions. About AVP. We're not too good at the other stuff. Hang out with us, throw around a Frisbee. You may as well get used to missing class now.

8. Come back! We'll post our callbacks list on the Lawn door after auditions end. Check it out and get the good news. Anything further you need to know will be on the sign as well.

9. Callbacks. Since only a few of us got to hear you sing in your first audition, this time you get to show off for all of us. We'll tell you how good you are. And we'll buy you lunch. How's THAT for some buttering up?

10. And yeah, there's another list. So much for your weekend. But it's worth it, 'cuz now you're in. Welcome to AVP. It's great to have you.