Austin "Galahad" Chang

Alumni Chair/Historian

Bass 2 | asc7kc | Computer Science

He was torn from his beloved and sold into slavery. That's how his life might have ended had not a traveling dentist redeemed him from that fate and set him on the path of revenge and huge, gory explosions. He didn't choose the life, it chose him. This is: Dchango Unchang'd. He moonlights as a singer in his spare time.


Shade "Buddy" Wilson

Social Chair

Tenor 2 | sw2ht | Chemistry

Shade. A man living in the shadows of Babylon. Now you see him--now you see him again, but he looks a little different. Shade.


Vijay "The Captain" Menon


Tenor 2 | vkm7ec | Economics and Government

"a day in the life"

Work hard and play hard,
Report card, then to the yard,
I like chasing cars.

They call me The Bard...but I'm not a rapper.


Jason "Pumba" Valenzuela


Tenor 2 | jev4zs | Computer Science

avid NOVA-based rapper supporter with a lot of feelings


Martin "The Thinker" Millspaugh IV

Vice President

Bass 2 | mlm4hs | Urban and Environmental Planning

I have a soft spot for large mammals and coarse natural features, both of which are pictured on the left. Oh, and of course there's an elephant and some wild brush too.


Isaac "Boo-D" Park

Music Director

Baritone | ip2ju | Computer Science

There are those days in life when you just do not have the answer. Let me tell you something: the answer lies in this kid's smile.


Evan "Mr. Pleasure" Lum

Business Manager/Assistant to the Music Director

Baritone | ejl3zd | Public Policy

I'm only here because I didn't get the job at Froot Loops.


Andrew "Shegoob" Fernandez

Tenor 2 | axf8th | Government and Media Studies

Andrew Fernandez is a talented, fit, and attractive member of AVP. He enjoys singing, acting, cooking, fighting, watching documentaries about lemurs, and being a cactus. One day he wants to learn all the words to the theme song from the G.I Joe animated series from the 80's. Thanks and have an acceptable day!


AJ "New Guy" Bakhtari

Baritone | ab5ra | Public Policy and Economics

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he-she-me ~wumbo~. Wumbo. Wumboing. Wumbology, the study of wumbo!"


Jordan "Robin" Maia

Tenor 2 | jm4fv | Biology

Young Metro trusts me.


Levi "New Guy" Moneyhun

Publicity Chair

Bari-Tenor | nlm3af | Undecided

Levi sings to distract himself from embarrassing middle school memories and the inevitable heat death of the universe.


Myles "All Star" Stremick

Tenor | ms4kn | Computer Engineering

Just look for the one on stage trying his best.


Nathan "Gucci" Pal

Baritone | np5dn | Undecided

His great great grandfather was the founder of the Gucci brand, he is dominant in the professional sport of curling, and he has lived most of his life in the city of Venice.

The man, the myth, the legend: Nathan Pal.

Special emphasis on the myth part because he doesn't actually exist and we just made you read about essentially nothing.