Frank "¿Qué?" Song, Jr.

Social Chair

Baritone | fs2dj | Biology

Manufactured and shipped here from China, Frank Song Jr. was purchased by the asian members of AVP to increase the Asian population within the group. The Asian members hope to take over the group and rename it to Asian Village People. We are slowly taking over.....everything...everyone... :)


Peter "Nacho" Hartwig

Bass 2 | pjh6e | Religious Studies

I was a janitor at MIT where I was smarter than everyone else. This fact was discovered when I expediently and anonymously answered math problems intended for graduate students. Now I was supposed to go to jail, due to an unrelated incident, but the professor who posted the problems in the first place stepped in and delivered me into the psychological care of Robin Williams, which is supposed to be better than prison. Inspired by his tragic marriage I decided to pursue a relationship with a very attractive British graduate student. Then Robin Williams tells me it's not my fault over and over again and that really gets to me. So in the end, all inspired and on the road to emotional recovery, I go to see about a girl and everyone in the audience cries.


Rishi "Tribe" Malhotra


Baritone | rm4mz | Physics

Rishi's name is like "Fishy," but with an 'R!'


Max "Spelchek" Serpe

Business Manager

Tenor 1.5 | rms7vd | Computer Science

I am a dog. Scratch my head, give me some food, love me, and I will follow you everywhere.


Will "Rhino" Cochrane

Bass 2 | wbc5fb | Politics / African American Studies

Fine China. Just look it up.

Austin "Galahad" Chang

Bass 2 | asc7kc | Undecided

He was torn from his beloved and sold into slavery. That's how his life might have ended had not a traveling dentist redeemed him from that fate and set him on the path of revenge and huge, gory explosions. He didn't choose the life, it chose him. This is: Dchango Unchang'd. He moonlights as a singer in his spare time.


Shade "Buddy" Wilson

Tenor 2 | sw2ht | Chemistry / Spanish

Shade. A man living in the shadows of Babylon. Now you see him--now you see him again, but he looks a little different. Shade.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this man, please contact any member of AVP.


Vijay "New Guy" Menon

Vice President

Tenor 2 | vkm7ec | Economics and Government

"a day in the life"

Work hard and play hard,
Report card, then to the yard,
I like chasing cars.

They call me The Bard...but I'm not a rapper.


Jason "New Guy" Valenzuela


Tenor 2 | jev4zs | Computer Science

"young papi, champagne, they know the face they know the name" - thomas jefferson

i just have a lot of feelings


Martin "New Guy" Millspaugh IV

? | ? | ?



Isaac "New Guy" Park

Music Director

Baritone | ip2ju | Computer Science

There are those days in life when you just do not have the answer. Let me tell you something: the answer lies in this kid's smile.


Evan "New Guy" Lum

A-Lum-ni Coordinator

Baritone | ejl3zd | Undecided

I am 19 years old now!


Andrew "New Guy" Fernandez

Publicity Chair

Tenor 2 | axf8th | Undecided

ya got butts


AJ "New Guy" Bakhtari

Baritone | ab5ra | Public Policy and Economics

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he-she-me ~wumbo~. Wumbo. Wumboing. Wumbology, the study of wumbo!"


Jordan "New Guy" Maia

? | ? | ?



Myles "New Guy" Stremick

Tenor | ms4kn | Engineering

Just look for the one on stage trying his best.


Nathan "New Guy" Pal

Baritone | np5dn | Undecided

Nathan is a riff enthusiast and "the whitest Indian you will ever meet" according to everybody in the universe. Also, he has no idea what he is doing with his life, but he does have a strange love for Dr. Pepper and Harry Potter.

Fun Facts: He was voted Social Media Guru in high school, and this is his biggest accomplishment. He is also an Eagle Scout so that's dope I guess.

Twitter: @naynaypal

Instagram: nathan_pal