Doug "Screech" Henderson


Tenor 2 | dah4nu | Mechanical Engineering

Doug has his very own TV show on Nickolodeon, perhaps you've heard of it! Doug has very short hair and a dog named Porkchop. He writes religiously in his journal every night, his best friend has blue skin, and when Doug is bored sometimes he likes to dress up with his belt tied around his head and call himself "Quailman".

Also, in case you're wondering, Doug does in fact know how to "dougie". But it would be nice if you didn't ask him, he gets that a lot.


Blair "#1 QB" Jenet

Baritone | bsj3nd | Environmental Science

I like pussy cats and roses.


Charles "The Situasian" Kang

Baritone | csk5yn | Economics

When he takes an exam, it is impressed by how smoothly he answers the questions.

He built Rome in a day.

When life gives him lemons, he gives it right back.

Barney Stinson once called him "LEGEN-Wait for it......DARY!"

When he drinks beer, he drinks Tres Equis.

He is more interesting than the most interesting man in the world.

He is Charles Kang.


Matt "Brüno" Kim

Baritone | mhk5qe | Economics

Matt might be a typical shy, quiet, nice guy on the outside, but he is a webmaster when he's spending time alone. That means he rules the Interwebz with a click of the mouse (It also means he has a humongous e-peen). He is constantly searching and punishing the so called, "keyboard warriors" and "E-thugs" to bring tranquility on the Internet. He goes by the pseudonym, "teh_iNtErWEBZZ_MaSTa69" and those who hear his name tremble with awe at his mighty internet power.

In the words of Steve Jobs (RIP), teh_iNterWEBZZ_MaSTa69, "is an Internet vigilante who will revolutionize the way people use the Internet"


Michael "Pépe" Lapuz


Tenor 1 | mdl3ba | Computer Engineering

Michael built this site with his bare hands, so he'll probably cry if you don't like it. He just has a lot of feelings. Instead of criticizing him, maybe you should just give him some sour gummy worms. That would make his day.


Reilly "Tulip" O'Hara

Social Chair

Baritone | rto2dc | Religious Studies/Foreign Affairs

Hey you. Yeah you, right there. You have a little schmutz on your shirt... A little lower. A liiittle lower. Boom, you got it.

Sam "Samwise" Eldredge

Vice President

Tenor 2 | swe6ag | Architecture

See pg 137 under the word "beautiful" for more information.


Tal "Hebrew Hammer" Benatar

Music Director

Baritone | trb3xb | Music/Politics

Has a very large penguin in his basement. He only brings him out on special occasions...


Jacob "Sparklezz" Irby

Alumni Coordinator

Tenor 1 | jri3hx | Music/Mathematics

Jacob is what you would call irbalicious: he puts them boiiiiiz on rock, rock. This dreamgurl from Dan Vegas is tellin' you that he ain't going. Music encircles him as if he were a dense point in the space-time continuum, as if time seemed to stop, as if he were defying gravity. This mαth gΣΣk integrates all day, errrrrday! He also emits an aura of rainbows and sunshine. No, you cannot taste the rainbow, but you might get burned...or cut. ;)


Kevin "Weapon Z" Zeithaml

Business Manager

Bass 2 | kcz9su | Politics

Kevin foiled the plot to assassinate you.

Frank "¿Qué?" Song, Jr.

Baritone | fs2dj | Biology

Manufactured and shipped here from China, Frank Song Jr. was purchased by the asian members of AVP to increase the Asian population within the group. The Asian members hope to take over the group and rename it to Asian Village People. We are slowly taking over.....everything...everyone... :)


Peter "Nacho" Hartwig

Bass 2 | pjh6e | Religious Studies

I was a janitor at MIT where I was smarter than everyone else. This fact was discovered when I expediently and anonymously answered math problems intended for graduate students. Now I was supposed to go to jail, due to an unrelated incident, but the professor who posted the problems in the first place stepped in and delivered me into the psychological care of Robin Williams, which is supposed to be better than prison. Inspired by his tragic marriage I decided to pursue a relationship with a very attractive British graduate student. Then Robin Williams tells me it's not my fault over and over again and that really gets to me. So in the end, all inspired and on the road to emotional recovery, I go to see about a girl and everyone in the audience cries.


Rishi "Tribe" Malhotra

Co-Publicity Manager

Baritone | rm4mz | Physics

Rishi's name is like "Fishy," but with an 'R!'


Max "Spelchek" Serpe

Co-Publicity Manager

Tenor 2 | rms7vd | Mechanical Engineering

If a man cries out "Cfeasee ueaa!??!" late in the night, and nobody is around to hear it, who is to say that Cfeeseu euaa is not really a word.


Will "New Guy" Cochrane

Bass 2 | wbc5fb | Spanish

Will is a silly new guy that never got around to making a bio for this site.


Austin "New Guy" Chang

Bass 2 | | Undecided

Austin is a first year from Fairfax, VA. He enjoys crossing swords, especially while playing super smash brothers.


Nick "New Guy" Favaloro

Baritone | npf7ad | ?

WANTED: Nick Favoloro.
Wanted by: women everywhere, and some dudes.
Wanted for: being a charming mobster with a smile that melts every heart.
Aliases: Don Favoloro, Donny F, D-Fav, Nicky-Fa, Nick Pepperoni, Big Pepperoni, Roman Thunder, Big Pull
Height: towering
Place of Birth: heaven
Weight: Svelt
Sex: Yes
Eyes: piercing
Race: Angel-baby
Occupation: at your service


Shade "New Guy" Wilson

Tenor 2 | sw2ht | ?

Shade. A man living in the shadows of Babylon. Now you see him--now you see him again, but he looks a little different. Shade.